Wells Copy Portfolio Samples

Blog post

This blog aligns with this company’s values of educating their customers about the value of coffee. It supports their credibility as a legit coffee shop. 


Use emails to share offers and educate your customers. In this email newsletter, I helped this company share their new blog article, new products, and events. 

Blog post for the Ocean Blue Project

This blog article will be linked to from newsletters and social media to help increase exposure and donor support. 

Medium post

This article zooms in on how the music industry adapted and responded to the Pandemic. It introduces ways to support artists and the importance of human connection. 

Examples from a client’s Instagram

Whether it’s on your website, in your shop, or on your socials, your product descriptions should draw your customers in by highlighting their desires and solving their problems. Here are few examples. 

New Subscription Offer

Use emails to build a relationship with your customers and introduce your products. In this email newsletter, I helped a company launch their new subscription service.