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Serving up Compelling Words for Your Local Business.

Your business is that magical place where your passions and work collide. It’s what makes work feel less like work. Except it’s not always so magical. When you’re busy doing all the things for your small business, that leaves little time for finding and connecting with the people who want what you’re selling. I’m Nicole Wells, a small business copywriter near Detroit. 

I’m all about helping downtown shops thrive. It’s hard to keep up in this digital world, and that’s where copywriting comes in. Copywriting is all about authentic, genuine connection with customers—something you’re already good at—just not online. 

So, let me fill that gap for you and make your online presence just as kind and welcoming as your storefront.

I’ll help you fuel your business with creative copy and an effective digital marketing strategy. You can continue to work your magic and meet your business goals.

How can copywriting help your small business?

Copy is written words that sell—but not in a “sales-y” way. Good copy connects with your customers and clients to solve their problems.

Effective copy can:

So go ahead, sip on that lavender iced latte, and get back to doing the things you love, I’ll take care of those marketing words for you. 


I’ll take the time to listen to your goals and together we’ll develop a strategy to help you meet those goals. Go to services to learn more about my copy services.

Dialed-In Copy

My method includes learning your voice, researching your ideal client, your business and your competition, keyword research, editing, formatting, and optional royalty free images.


Engage your audience with high quality, optimized blog articles that gain momentum over time, unlike paid ads that stop when you stop paying for them. Speak directly to your ideal client with optimized creative website copy.

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